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Our history & philosofy

Welcome to Bravelanders!


Our project, named BraveLanders, was born in mid-2019 by two friends who, from a young age, had a great passion for off-roading and nature, with a tremendous desire to create something different in the panorama of 4x4 tours on the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo for those who visit us.


Clearly recognizing the potential that the two islands offer in their unique beauty, combined with the love and great respect we have for nature in its purest state, the different microclimates in a single day, the passion for off-roading in an intrinsic need to explore and discover new places, the skills and knowledge acquired throughout our lives, made everything unfold naturally. Always without the pressure to create a large business structure, but rather focused on something very singular and full of experiences that we offer to our clients.


Our tours were designed with the knowledge and involvement of the entire Bravelanders team, whether through rural, forest, or alternative routes to traditional ones, in places chosen as highlights for that breathtaking photo and always full of local customs and traditions that can be experienced in a very epic way.


Since then, we have worked hard to share with our clients the most remote and diverse places of our islands. Whether on regular tours or in the unique experiences we create, they were always idealized in the best way we can provide to those who visit us.

In a relaxed manner, as if we were among friends, we will take you to places that only Madeirans know.


We are eager to show you what makes Madeira so special.


Join us on your next trip! 

One of Bravelanders's founders & tour guide standing with crossed arms beside the classic Defender wearing white shorts, brown polo shirt and black snickers.

Bernardino Soares

— Name, Title

The true friend for life’s adventures!

Calm is his last name and the most striking
characteristic that infects us. He is passionate about
music and knows the Island of Porto Santo like no one else!
He is a walking library with a general culture that captivates
anyone with his knowledge, combined with a passion
for off-roading, making our tou
rs an epic adventure on the golden island.

Ivan Rodrigues 

The great driving force behind Bravelanders

A true workhorse, always ready to roll up his sleeves
and do whatever is necessary for the well-being of all around him.
He has a contagious energy and a passion for life.
Beyond his love for pure off-roading, the kitchen is where he delights many!

Without a doubt, a “must-have”! 

Bravelanders' CEO standing with the right arm over the driver's windonw of the classic white Bravelander's Defender. He is wearing the staff brown polo shirt, with grey shorts and dark snickers. The backgrond is the Madeira's wild forest.
On the left side of the image is Bravelanders’ head of marketing sitting behind a desk with a screen on it. Behind him is a leather sofa against a white wall with Bravelanders’ black logo on it. Six frames hanging on a side wall display Madeira’s 4WD tours, and on top of a piece of furniture is a green Land Rover Defender made by Lego.

Pedro Albuquerque

— Name, Title

He is the right and left arm of our dream

Passionate about off-roading, Land Rovers, and a good outdoor adventure. With the well-defined characteristic of a “bon vivant,” he makes our tours a unique day and manages our marketing, as well as relationships between friends, partners, and clients, always with a smile and humor that infects others.

Os nossos parceiros

Save the trail
Landmaniacos Madeira

Miguel Rocha

— Name, Title

Our storyteller

Miguel Rocha, the newest member of the Bravelanders team.
Joy and good spirits are his greatest attributes, which we adore.
Coupled with extensive know-how about the island of
Porto Santo, he is the best you can have to show you
all the nooks and crannies of this island! 

The image is centered on a Bravelander’s tour guide standing by the passenger front door of the Classic White Defender. He is hanging his left arm over the rearview mirror, with his other hand in his pocket except for the thumb, and he wears orange-framed sunglasses and a brown staff fleece with a vertical zipper on it.
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